KelliCurls Reaches Tail Bone Length!

It has been a few months since I checked the length of Kelli’s hair. Today I was deep conditioning her hair and realized that her hair had reached her tail bone. I was suprised!


8 thoughts on “KelliCurls Reaches Tail Bone Length!

  1. What regiem do you use for her hair? As in shampoos, leave ins and oils? anything in particular you would reccommend for a little girl?

  2. She is currently eight years old, so I say she is still pretty young. It’s easy to maintain a child’s hair. The challenge is when they get older.
    Kelli has pretty much had a good amount of hair all of her life. I mean at birth she had a head full of hair, and unlike other babies, her hair did not thin and fall out. LOL! I can’t really say how long it took, because I am just so used to her hair being long. 🙂

  3. Kelli’s hair is beautiful and she’s so sweet and kind! You’ve done a spectacular job as a mom! Keep up the good work! I was wondering at what age did you begin to care for her hair? Can a baby be too young for hair products? What type of products do you think are safe?

  4. Great job with keeping her hair healthy. I have an 8 year old as well and I can say that keeping a child’s hair healthy and long is pretty easy since it’s usually in protective styles. My daughters hair reaches under her buttocks and I’m sure it’s b/c of the low manipulation. I am sure to keep her ends moisturized. I don’t comb through her hair to often either.

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