Your Kids Love You, But Only When You Give Them Cookies!

So, have you guys seen that viral video with the cute little boy, who tells his mom how he does love her, but only when she gives him cookies? LOL! It’s the cutest little video, but it can be soooo true! LOL! Well not exactly, let me explain…..

So, my son recently got into trouble, so what happens in my house when you do something like lying and taking something that does not belong to you, punishment, you owe me time. You do the crime, you do the time… (goes something like that) Anyways, he was on punishment and had to write about what he did and also how he will improve. He did not like that at all. So, I later discovered that was not the only thing he wrote, he was very upset that we discovered his deception, and he was mad that he did not get away with it. He didn’t think it was right that we punished him. (I mean…what kid does) He wrote about how he would be upset until he was off of punishment, and we made him jealous when we did fun things while he was on punishment….. My child My child!!! I love him dearly! 🙂 He was soooo embarrassed when I discovered the note.

The point of this whole story is, sometimes kids don’t get the big picture. They feel like I’ m a kid and I should be able to enjoy life, and do what I want to do. If my parents punish me, they suck, and I will run away, because they MUST hate me! Honestly, they just feel that way in the moment.  I remember when I was my sons age (10) when my mom punished me, I heard them in the living room having fun, and I said I wish I would just die. Did I really want to die??? um… no!

So, if your kid ever screams I HATE YOU MOMMY, don’t worry they’ll apologize when they’re 30! LOL!

Watch the viral video I mentioned in the beginning! It’s funny!


1 thought on “Your Kids Love You, But Only When You Give Them Cookies!

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