Breakage: Edges & Nape Area (MY experience)- FAQ Friday

I have dealt with breakage around my edges and nape area. In 2010 I started getting comfortable with doing updos and was really excited about wearing my first bun. I was disappointed to find that when I pulled my hair up, the back of my hair was sticking out. I don’t use gel, so it looked horrible. I pinned the hair up using hair pins, but I still did not feel like that looked good at all. The following year year I started wearing two strand twist more often, and noticed my edges in were starting to thin, right in the front of my head. It didn’t take long for me to figure out what was happening. I’ve gotten great about listening to my hair. I started paying attention to my methods, and seeing what could be causing the breakage.

So first, I definitely made sure that I did not pull my hair so tight in the front of my head when doing two strand twist, and also anytime I pulled my hair back. I don’t use a brush to slick my hair down, since being natural I don’t feel like every piece of hair needs to be in a perfect place. I try to use my hands as much as possible. I also discovered a satin cap I was using was snatching my hair out. So, I decided that I would use a satin scarf instead, and the cap would go over the scarf. I like to use both because I like the way the satin cap covers my styles, and stays on throughout the night.

I also realized that sometimes it is easy to neglect the edges of your hair. I pay special attention to the edges and nape area of my hair now. Making sure to moisturize those area properly, especially when wearing two strand twist. I take a spray bottle with water and spritz the edges, then I seal with extra virgin olive oil or my Cantu Shea Butter Leave In. I’ve notice a big improvement with those areas of my hair now.

I think the important thing is to understand that those are the most sensitive areas of our hair, and you always have to be careful. It does not take much at all to tear up your edges.

I also want to share a video from whoissugar. She has been battling with some breakage in the front of her hair, and recently started treating it with a very interesting method. She did an update video where she was having great progress, so if you are looking for a solution for breakage in the front of your hair, I think this video would be great.

Whoissugar’s Operation Regrow The Patch



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