Infidelity – Abuse – Teenage Love *relationships & marriage

This video is basically discussing some of our tough frequently asked questions.
Some of the topics discussed in this video are VERY sensitive topics, we are not psychologist, so the only thing we can offer in these types of situations is experience and OPINIONS.
In these situations you may need to speak with a professional.
Some of our most frequently asked questions include infidelity, abuse, and young or teenage relationships. In this video we discuss our OPINIONS and some actual experiences with these topics.
Who knows when the right time to leave better than the person who is in teh situation. So many people offer their opinions, and tell you what they would do, or what they think you should do about YOUR situation, but we all know the TRUTH is, only the  person in that situation will decide when or what that is.

I was in an abusive relationship for many years, and it was in the most critical years of my life, I was still a teenager. It changed me, and it took me time to realize that I needed to walk away from that situation. The first time should have been the last time, but it wasn’t… I did eventually get out of the situation, and it took time healing from that situation.
My husband has also witnessed abuse, and dealt with is own issues about it.
He has also witnes abuse resulting in murder. Most peole don’t even see this as a possibility when they are in that situation, I know I didn’t…
If you are being abused and you need help:
The National Domestic Violence Hotline is a great resource:



1 thought on “Infidelity – Abuse – Teenage Love *relationships & marriage

  1. I Loved this video!! You guys are such an inspirational couple for me and so positive, whichnis quite hard to find in the black community sometimes, because we as people tend to constantly focus on the stuggle they’ve been through instead of where they are at NOW!!! It’s nice to see both of you not letting the past hold you back and gives me so much more faith in love in the black community.

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