Creative Lessons For The Kiddos “Stand Up & Write”


We all know that when it comes to disciplining kids these days, it is not how it use to be! Back in my days, my mom straight up whooooooped my behind. I still remember the snake skin belt!!! LOL! OOOOOOO

Well, me and my husband initially we were not against the spankings, because that is how we were brought up, but we soon realized that there are other options you can use before getting to that point. So I am not saying I’m completely against a butt whooping every now and then, but I prefer not to, if there are other options. 🙂

“Stand Up and Write” : Yes, I am serious. I remember in elementary, this one time when our class got into trouble the teacher made the entire class right I will not talk during class like 500-1000 times! LOL! Well, we never had to do that again!

So, whatever the kids get into trouble about;  maybe telling a little white lie, getting into some trouble at school, they have to stand up and write about it. (especially if it is repetitive behavior)

Let me know when you are done, apologize, and keep it moving. I know it may sound a little lame, but my kiddos HATE it with a passion. They’re like mom pleeeeaaase spank me! NO NO NO!  🙂

So what are some of the methods you use besides spanking?

-Momma’ James


1 thought on “Creative Lessons For The Kiddos “Stand Up & Write”

  1. My son is too small for spanking (19 months) but this is a great idea that I will be using once he stops eating the crayons. 🙂

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