Cutting My Ends…


Do you cut your own ends? Yes, I cut my own ends. If you are not comfortable with cutting your own hair, I definitely suggest going to a professional salon. I did my own big chop, so it’s not hard for me to cut 1/2 of an inch. LOL! 🙂

How often do you cut your ends? I did give my self a schedule, so that I wouldn’t just completely neglect my ends. It is very easy to do that when you have curly coil hair. I don’t wear my hair straight often, so perfect ends are not so important, but making sure you don’t have damaged ends is. So every 6 months I try to cut 1/2 of an inch off. I do want to clarify that I only cut my ends when needed. If I do my 6 month check to cut, and my ends look good, I will not cut.

How do you know when you need to cut your ends? I look for a few signs when cutting my hair. I notice that my ends feel kind of rough. I notice a little more shedding, especially when I am rubbing my fingers down the ends of my hair. I also have more knots, it seems like those rough ends really like to circle around each other.

Do you flat iron your hair to cut your ends? I dod not flat iron my hair to cut my ends. I have not flat ironed my hair since being natural, basically I have no idea what my hair looks like straight anymore! LOL! I do it on wet or dry hair. I put my hair into several plaits, maybe medium sized. I section the hair off and go through each twist, cutting off 1/2 of an inch.



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