50/50 is impossible????

My husband stumbled upon a really interesting article. My husband is the one who really likes to find blogs, and things like that  for him and I to discuss. I think an important part of relationships is communication. You should definitely find time to sit down and just have random conversation.

In the video below we discuss the topic of the article, and how we feel about 50/50.

My opinion:

I definitely feel you should establish some roles and responsibilities betweeen one another. I understand how that makes some people feel a little on the edge, because who wants their marriage to sound li…ke a business deal, but in a way it is. LOL! I mean, you still have the love and all of the other gushy stuff that goes into that, but you want to have some stability in your household, especially if you have kids. It’s sort of like how you write down your plans or goals for the future. Right down a plan for your household, so that everyone is on one track and then it all works together. Now, that doesn’t mean if someone isn’t able to do their part you beat them up, you just recognize that is where you step in and help them out. :)You can call it 100/100, 50/50 or just plain old working together! 🙂 Muah!

You can read the article here before you watch the video if you like.

Article HERE:



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