No More Mini Twist!!!

Ok… So I tried it again, and after this time, I am deciding that min twist are not for me. It takes waaaay too long to take down, and you have to be really careful, or you will get alot of unnecessary knots. I have decided to start doing my twist medium or sometimes a little big!:) I think this works well for my hair. It doesn’t last as long, but it’s better than spending hours taking down twist, and trying not to pull all of my hair out.




3 thoughts on “No More Mini Twist!!!

  1. lol! I feel you! You save so much time having them in for weeks but when you have to take them out you just wanna cry..I saw pay someone to do it or go BIG!
    Who has that kinda time..???

  2. Did you ever take supplements? And what were they.

  3. No, I don’t take any hair supplements. I take regular women’s daily multivitamins.

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