Orlando’s Natural Hair & Beauty Expo

Special thanks to Natashia Ford and Donna Chase Benton!

Love You Natashiaaaaa!

They made sure everything was taken care of, I had no worries, everything ran smoothly for me! 🙂

It was so amazing to meet sooo many subscribers, I’m shocked everytime I go to these events! It was really funny that you guys were shocked, I got mistaken for being my own daughter, because someone thought I would be older looking! LOL! Someone told me they didn’t expect me to be so little in person! LOL! Everyone was shocked at how tall I was. I had a few people run up to me screaming, one lady actually scared me, because she was running and screaming! LOL! I loooooved every moment of it! It means so much to me, to know that I have touched or inspired someone! Humbling…..

I had a great time at this event, so much fun, I didn’t get that much footage and photos, but I got a lil something! LOL!

Oh yeah, if you didn’t make it to their event this year, you definitely need to go next year, it was an amazing event with soooo many people, vendors, models, etc!!!!!!

FYI This video is complete randomness ENJOY! LOL!


Check out their site here –> http://www.naturalhairandbeautyexpo.com/



1 thought on “Orlando’s Natural Hair & Beauty Expo

  1. I can’t wait for the time that we have these events in my city. I’m a little jelly (smile).

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