Thick hair

A question that I get a lot, is how do I make my hair thick, is there some kind of a product out there that can make my hair thicker? Is something wrong with my hair, because it is not thick? Basically, a lot of people want to have the thick, big hair! Lol!

When answering any question, I like to answer from my experience, just because there are so many different types of hair, and everyone’s hair is different.

I am going to try to keep this short and simple…..
Hair density is the number of individual hair strands within one square inch.
Basically the amount of hair strands you have on your head.

Hair density is defined by thin, medium/average, and thick.
If you have thick hair, it just means you have a greater amount of hair strands on your head.

Hair density or the amount of strands you can have on your head is already pre determined. If you look closely at your scalp, you can see the little holes where each strand grows from. These holes are called hair follicles. The hair follicles you were born with, will be the hair follicles you have for the rest of your life.

So that simply answers the question, there is no way to make your hair thicker, but there are ways to make your hair appear thicker.
I like to add curls or waves to my hair. If I want big hair, I do my twist outs or braid outs on dry hair. When I do it on wet hair it looks thinner. Fluff fluff fluff!!!! Fluffing your hair always helps to give it a thicker appearance!


Most people have medium hair density, but quickly categorize their hair as thin, simply because it isn’t what they consider thick.
As long as u don’t have any type of medical condition, preventing you from growing hair, your hair is perfectly fine, we can’t all have the thick, luscious hair. Lol!

My hair is medium….


Check out these great sources on hair density!

Part 1
Part 2


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