Transitioning & The Big Chop – FAQ

“Ask AJ”

On my Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, at the grocery store, I am asked so many questions.
Here is a format where you can ask me anything, and I will choose a few questions to answer in the newsletter and also on Youtube!

Did You Transition?
How Long Did You Transition?
Back then I wasn’t tracking my journey, but I estimate at maybe 8-10 months if that
What styles Did You Wear?
I didn’t know anything about natural hair, or how to care for it, so I just covered it up with kinky twist, braids, and sew in weaves
Should I big chop or do a long term transition?
I say do what you feel is right for you. There are so many long term transitioners out there, who have a successful journey. If you are not ready to go all out with the big chop, there are many options to maintain your hair during your transition.
The one thing I remember when transitioning is alot of shedding, You have the new growth coming in, which is alot stronger than the relaxed or chemically treated hair. That chemically treated hair starts shedding alot, you may notice areas of your hair that are thinning. This is why most people say you have to be extra careful during that time, and also do protective styling, and minimal heat! πŸ™‚
Should I go natural, my family and friends don’t want me to?
I always say, my hair is just an accessory. Hair is such a small part of who a person is. If you lose family or friends, because you made a decision about YOUR hair, then they probably didn’t need to be in your life anyways. They may not like it in the beginning, but eventually it usually grows on them, just like your new look will have to grow on you. I was probably just as shocked as my friends when I went natural! LOL! πŸ™‚

Just remember to have fun and enjoy being natural! πŸ™‚

Check out this Long Term Transitioner and her GREAT tips! LongHairDontCarellc

Alicia J


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