DIY Hair Tips – Short & Simple (Protective Style Challenge)

DIY Hair Tips – Quick and Easy

September, 20, 2011 I started my protective style challenge. Protective style of choice is two strand twist..
I will be taking down my twist every two weeks to wash, condition, do hot oil treatments, and refresh the twist.

The reason I am doing the protective style challenge, is to be a little more disciplined. My regimen is mostly protective styling, but when I wear my hair out, I looove to play in it.  Also, I’ve never been able to go past 1 week wearing my two strand twist. I also would like to be able to retain as much length as possible to reach my goal of waist length by next year! 🙂

How I am maintaining my hair?
I am using extra virgin olive oil on my ends daily to prevent excessive shedding. I understand that oil is just a sealant, but I notice less shedding, when I  apply the oil. Another option would be to spritz a little water on the ends and seal with oil or your favorite moisturizer. This way you can avoid the big shrinkageI I would never go past two weeks without wetting my hair though. I know some people can do that, but my hair hates it.

I’ve been really enjoying it more than I thought I would. I’ve experimented with basic, but cute hairstyles. (see photos below)
Hey, if you would like to join in on the fun….please do so, I try to post everyday on my Facebook about the challenge. 🙂

Video coming soon, with how I do my two strand twist. 🙂

Alicia James
DIY Natural Hair Care “Quick & Easy”

My Photo Of The Week!
Two Strand Twist w/ Flat Twist and Ponytail


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