Breakage, Shedding, and Single Strand Knots – FAQ

How do you prevent breakage/excessive shedding?
First thing, i always try to be as gentle as possible with my hair. I never comb my hair dry. I use a wide tooth comb, and I can’t remember the last time I used a brush really. Moisturizing is my key. I am never scared to use water on my hair. I wet my hair 1-3 times a week, depending on my hairstyle, and I seal with extra virgin olive oil. I also seal with Cantu Shea Butter sometimes. I also like to do my deep conditioning/hot oil treatment every week or every two weeks. The more moisturized and conditioned my hair is, the less breakage or shedding I have!
One more thing……
Protective styling is key for my hair!
I love to do protective styles. My go to hairstyle??? Two strand twist

Have you ever had problems with breakage on the nape area?
Yes, about a year and a half ago my hair broke off in the nape area. I was being really rough on my head during that time also. I could not wear buns, because my hair would stick out in the back.
After I started taking care of my hair, it grew back. I haven’t had that problem again. I think it was a combination of not moisturizing properly, pulling my hair too tight into ponytails, etc.
FYI: Your edges, including the nape area are usually the first place your hair breaks, so always try to be extra gentle with those parts of your hair.

Do you have single strand knots? How do you prevent them?
Yes! Very simple for me, the more stretched my hair is, the less knots I have. Since my hair has gotten longer, I will not wear a wash and go, because the knots are insane.
My twistouts, braidouts, or any type of stretching prevent excessive single strand knots.
Note: even though I have minimized knots, I still get them. It is perfectly normal for people with kinky and curly hair to get knots. The hair strands like to wrap around itself and each other. Sometimes you can work them out, and sometimes you have to cut them off, so that they don’t get tangled with the rest of your hair, and cause more knots.


2 thoughts on “Breakage, Shedding, and Single Strand Knots – FAQ

  1. Didn’t know you have a blog and i’m glad to following you here too!

  2. I just really started blogging seriously recently! 🙂

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