No Twitter – What??? It’s The End Of The World!!!!


I am no longer managing a personal page on Twitter. I knooooooow it’s the end of the world!!! How can you not have a twitter?  You need the followers. blah blah blah!! Ask a question on twitter, and see how many of your 1,000+ subscribers respond if you’re just an indie artist. LOL! I’m just saying!

I think it’s a benefit for some, but for me, it interrupts my little positivity bubble with gummy bears, pink flowers, and lemonade. LOL! Say no to Twitter Drama! yuck!

Anyways, most of my stuff is on Facebook, and I love all of my believers who I get to hang with on there. You guys are the greatest supporters ever. I do have a page where automated updates go out on twitter and that is @TeamAliciaJames. But if you want to know all of the good and juicy stuff, join me on Facebook.!


Muah! Muah! Muah!

Listen to my full album at



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