Zanzibar was Fun and Oh yeah Beyonce’s 1+1 is H O T T!

Yesterday I performed at a lounge here in Houston called Zanzibar along with some other performers. The thing that was most exciting was seeing my friends suprise me and come out to support. I always say without support, it’s not even worth it! *all smiles*

The show was great. I actually did an acapella song that I haven’t done in years “So In Love”! I used that song to open up “Overflowing”. This was my first time performing the full song! I must admit I was slightly nervous! Then I ended my set with “When We’re Making Love”! Overall, the music went over well. You can hear both of these songs and my full album at!

Hope you enjoy!

I will post video and photos later of the performance!


Did you guys see the American Idol performance by Beyonce 1+1??!!? I love to see her perform. It’s just always powerful! What I like about watching Beyonce is she makes me feel something everytime I see her perform and when I listen to her music! That is so important to me. When you can make me feel something I’m sold and to me is real music!

Just in case you missed it, check it out here!


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