Who The Heck is Mr. Hudson

Ok.. so we all know I love music, and most of all I don’t mind knowing who the next big thing is. Especially if it’s someone who is really different and bringing something fresh and something that make since to the industry. Ok.. I must say that I was caught off guard a little when they said that Kanye was now working with this 29 year old white guy from the UK who sings this kind of futuristic pop style music. But.. hey we all know Kanye is like a music genius. So.. that made me want to know more about this freakin’ guy!

Well.. we know he was the single from Kanye’s song SuperNova and also Jayz’s Forever Young. Nice vocals. Also found out that he has his own project and actually just released his song called “Straight No Chaser” I checked the song out and was kind of like um… I dunno. The warning is it’s very different and you may not instantly jump on the wagon. So… I wanted to hear more, just because something about him intrigued me! I also listened to his his song “Everything is Broken”. Ok…. I’m kind of liking this song. Lyric wise he’s really really talented. Sounds like he has a great voice too. Some of the songs were auto tuned a bit much for my taste. So… my thing is let’s go live baby! LOL! I checked out a live performance of his, OMG! I freakin love this guy! He sounds phenomenal, his soul, his power, he just pulls you right in! So ok… now I know a little more about who the heck Mr. Hudson is!

Check em’ out if you like!


Alicia James (Houston’s Favorite Natural Chick)


“Crazy In Love on Itunes –> http://bit.ly/aocmaF


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