Finally Getting To Know My Hair – Almost 2 years Natural


I thank God for getting me through another week. Goal is to keep my mind on him, because I know then no matter what I’m always focused on the right direction, everything else comes soo easily!

So….another great week. Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend and your holiday!

Very excited, because I am not starting to experiment more with my hair. I am not scared to try new styles and even a new product every now and then. The top picture is one of my latest experiments. Cute huh! OMG! LOL! This really encouraged me to continue to try new things with my hair! See, us natural chicks can look fly too! he! he! Can you belive It’s almost my two year celebration and I am just figuring this out! Being natural is not easy, it’s really a life long journey! So all my natural chicks continue to experiment with the hair and don’t be afraid to look fly! #NaturalChickEpidemic

Have you guys gotten your ringtone for Crazy In Love yet. I know alot of you did, because I checked those numbers and was so suprised and just felt blessed. You guys are really supporting lil ole’ AJ! It feels so good to have people support you! Can’t explain that feeling! If you don’t have yours, here is the link –>

Check out this video that my lovely friend LB from “Right Here With LB” made for me! It’s so beautiful! Love you hon!


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