Crazy In Love

So…last week was a great week!

 I thank God for getting me through another week. Goal is to keep my mind on him, because I know then no matter what I’m always focused on the right direction, everything else comes soo easily!

I hope you guys had a great week! Wow…I have been organized for two weeks straight. whaaat! LOL! Everything is going great! I have so many great stories to tell! So let’s get started….

SMR>>>We had the Battle of Houston’s Best competition this week. It was pretty cool, alot of talented rappers. If you have never been to an SMR event, you should definitely come. It’s usually not overwhelming crowds, but it’s always a great time and everyone is pretty cool and approachable!

Pic From the Event me and The SimplyFab Diva

Natural Hair >>> Special Thanks to Ms. Chiselle Couture, natural hair youtuber! She gave me a shout out and I gained many subscribers because of this. So…my goal was to reach 500 by atleast next week, but guess what guys I am at 594 subscribers!! yaaaaaaaaay!!! OMG! Such a blessing. I am excited the feedback on my vids are great and my music! If you are not subscribed make sure you do so.

Most Recent Video

My Music >>> Finally Finally Finally….THE SINGLE IS DONE!!!! WOO HOO! Crazy In Love! I can’t even explain what I feel! This has been a long process. I have learned so much. There have been so many emotions. I can’t even tell it all, but the SINGE IS DONE!!! Crazy In Love is a story about a person in this relationship with someone who hurts them over and over again, but sometimes when you are in love, you can blind to those things and not necessarily blind you just ignore it all. Simply because you are in love! So I call that Crazy In Love! It’s a mix of R&B/Soul/Pop/Neo Soul/jazz/soft rock I dunno everything! lol! So now I say the hard work begins!! We are going to be launching some marketing campaigns soon! The single will be available for download soon, so it’s just going to be time to work!!!! Get ready for my movement called the Natural Chick Epidemic! I will explain more about what this means to me in my next blog! I love you you guys! PEACE LOVE AND HAIR GREASE!

Check this video out to hear a snippet of Crazy In Love

Check out this video for that good music high!!!


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