They Say Real Music is Dead! LIARS

So…last week was a great week!

 I thank God for getting me through another week. Goal is to keep my mind on him, because I know then no matter what I’m always focused on the right direction, everything else comes soo easily!

So…the auditions at Midtown Lounge went smoothly. Glad our new process worked! Go SMR Entertainment! Guys you have to come out. If anything it’s just a great environment and alot of genuine people. You don’t have to fake it, prove it, nothing! I’m a country girl raised in Mississippi, I prefer things simple!

I am so excited I now have over 410 subscribers!!! Guys…I am so thankful! I love my youtube family. My subscribers are so faithful, most of them always come back to watch each video. It’s amazing! Love you guys! I have a new intro for my videos now. It includes a pic of me and a snippet of Crazy in Love my upcoming single! I’ve been having the hardest time with trying to get a intro I wasn’t happy with it. I’m happy now! 🙂 lol!

Anyways this following week will be really exciting, we are having a networking event, where there will  be guest speakers giving info on finances, the music industry, radio play, marketing, promotion, and so much more! It’s going to be realy laid back, I can’t wait!

Last week I told you guys about Tariq Comb’s video shoot! Well..I went and it was fabulous! He did such a wonderful job. My hair was amazing, they put a colored spray on it, I wish I could have kept it for a couple of days, but I had to wash my hair! I will get me some of that spray soon!

Look out for the single! Feedback, comments, etc are welcomed and appreciated! PEACE, LOVE AND MUSIC!♥

Watch Performance of My OFFICIAL single for 2010 “Crazy In Love



So…I have been really thinking, alot of people are saying real music is dead, HipHop is dead blah blah blah! I think you guys know how it goes. Is it true?

I dunno… There are so many talented artist out there making great music. So many artist still making real music, artistic music. There are so many successful indie bands and artist. Even though you don’t hear them on the radio 24/7 they live, they work, and they’re eating well! 🙂 Maybe if the radio is giving you a low quality of music, you should probably try some of the various radio stations who spin numerous of independent artist!’ll get some bad with the great, but hey you have options and it’s not the same song repeating throughout the day! 🙂  

I think that real music lives, it’s just been relocated! It’s all about researching and seeing what’s out there. If you love music and these types of things matter to you, you don’t mind searching for that! I’m sure most want to hear some of these artist spinning on their commercial radio stations more often. I dunno if that will ever happen regularly not right now.

Anyways….what do you guys think?

Check out some of my videos for that good music high!!!


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