♫Week Of March 07 – March 13 2010♫




So…last week was a great week!

 I thank God for getting me through another week. Goal is to keep my mind on him, because I know then no matter what I’m always focused on the right direction, everything else comes soo easily!

I have started re-recording my project. I know that sounds so horrible, but it’s all for the best! No worries! 🙂 Thanks so much to Cool Daddy and Sticky Buddah! I am predicting a great album! 

I hosted the Pink Diamond Affair at Isis. I had a cute little pink dress and yes..the hair was big and H – O – T – T! LOL!  It was my first time doing something like that, so really I had no expectations. I think I will do more things like that, but next time be more prepared for what something like that entails. Flyer was gorge’ thanks to Trendsetters promotion!

The cometry show was sooo much fun! The crowd was so laid back and respectful. Se7en is such a great poet and let’s not forget our fav comedians Eddie B and Talha Rahman! Oh yeah..Kelz got on the stage and did a little comedy too! We were all so shocked! LOL! He told us about his past desires to be a stripper! LMBO! Too funny!

So Just Brittany got signed to Cash Money Records! Congratulations to her and the team behind her! What most artist need to know is everyone has their path. Walk yours and soon you’ll get to your destination! It’s always great to see someone make their dreams come to reality. It means that it’s possible, you just have to put in the work!


So Yeah….I know I’ve been updating you guys on my youtube channel for Natural Hair and Music! I am proud to say that this week I have reached 378 subscribers. Check last week’s blog to see where I was! GO LICIA GO LICIA GO LICIA GOOOOO! LOL!

Well…this coming weekend, I will be shooting a video with Tariq Combs and later that night hitting the studio. Also I will have some interesting stuff coming up that I can’t wait to tell you guys about! Very interesting…..hum! Stay Tuned! Look out for the single! Feedback, comments, etc are welcomed and appreciated! PEACE, LOVE AND MUSIC!

Watch Performance of My OFFICIAL single for 2010 “Crazy In Love

Here is the song I jammed all week. Want to share it with you guys! Let me know what you think!




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