♫Week of Feb 28 – Mar 6 2010♫

Wow! So..last week was great. The Candi Redd and GT Mayne concert was awesome. Met a lot of new and talented artist! I opened the show up with a little RNB, which is always hard with a primarily Hip Hop crowd! But…I think I handled it well! he! he!

So Wednesday and Saturday I posted two new episodes on youtube. Stretching Natural Hair. I am grateful for the love that the subscribers are showing! I reached 338 subscribers this week and looking for more! This week episodes will be The Day and Life of a Natural Diva! I will talk about different experiences with being natural and whatever I may have run into the last couple of weeks regarding natural hair! It could be controversial topics I dunno! I was also asked by one of the youtube users to use my song Stop Playing for the intro into their video! Awesome! Stop Playing may not be on the album, but I am using it for mixtapes, some of my videos, and other projects!

Listen to Stop Playing here: http://tweetmysong.com/9d38hw

What else…I wrote a new song for the project. I am loving it all right now. The feeling of the album is so genuine right now. It’s not club bangers, but it’s one of those albums you’ll be able to pop in when you really want to listen!

This week I will be performing at the Cometry Show presented by yours truly SMR ENTERTAINMENT! This show is Comedy and poetry mixed together. This is truly going to be a show for people who love the arts and respect it!Hope to see you guys there! Thanks again to all who support what I do! 



Watch performance of “Crazy In Love” My First OFFICIAL single

Well..here is the song I jammed all week.. I want to share it with ya’ll!! Tell me what you think!

Janelle Monae – You


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